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Helios Rocketry is looking for motivated students, willing to commit one year to build the first student-led liquid-propelled, single-stage rocket to reach space.

Team in-front of the SpaceX Falcon rocket, smiles at camera.


Experience the full engineering process from design, testing to manufacturing, and eventually launching a full-scale rocket. 


Join the talented, professional, and multidisciplinary team of students.
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Be able to utilize what you learn in the classroom.


The New Space Race is here. Be a part of history.

What can you gain from being a part of Helios?

During a year at Helios, YOU get to work in a professional, multidisciplinary team of students. YOU get the opportunity to apply academic knowledge to discover something completely new. YOU get to experience the full engineering process from design, testing to manufacturing, and eventually launching a full-scale rocket.

Think about what your contribution to Helios Rocketry could be? Below you can find a list of suggestions. Feel free to elaborate on your own capabilities, and previous experiences in your motivation letter and application form.

What are the positions you can apply for?

Helios Rocketry is made up of two primary forces.


The Business department, along with the Team CEO/Captain, is responsible for the interaction with the local and space community. This includes creating and maintaining communication with various partners for both in-kind and financial support. 

PR of the team is vital: through small local events, large events, update social media platforms, contact with the press and interested parties. A portion of this includes making graphics, print media, videos and presentations with our branding style and the vision that we have for the team both short term and long term, while closely working with the engineering department to be as accurate as possible.

We want to focus on promoting to the media and public about Helios Rocketry, the Base11 Space Challenge, the future of space exploration and how students are trying to make their mark in the NewSpace Race. What Helios Rocketry is doing is creating a permanent place to train the new generation of talent needed for the NewSpace Race.

To be able to fund such a project, the Business Department is crucial. You may contribute to the Business Department:

  • Videographer & Video Editor – The Helios journey is going to be long and exciting. The Helios videographer will capture Helios moments to share with the public via Helios social media outlets and run the YouTube channel.
  • Graphic Designers– Design and creation of all Helios visuals for marketing and campaigning purposes.
  • Social Media Manager – Creates and updates Helios Social Media platforms, growing Helios social media presence.
  • Web Manager – Edits and updates the Helios website as Helios grows and hits milestones.
  • Event Coordinator– In charge of planing all small and big events held throughout the competition.
  • FSO Coordinator – Maintains Helios’s good standing as a Fulton Student Organization.
  • Outreach – Grows Helios external relationships with the community, communicates and advocates for the Helios Brand.
  • Industrial Relations – Creates, grows and maintains potential partnerships for in-kind and financial support.
  • Finance – Works with CEO/Team Captain in creating budgets for Helios to maintain a healthy financial standing. Also keeps track of expenses and revenue accounts.
  • Operations – Responsible for procuring components needed to build the Helios Rocket. Works with the Helios Safety team to ensure safe and efficient storage of Helios materials. Also responsible for any logistics activities.


As part of the Engineering Department, you will learn how to design, test, and manufacture components for the rocket and eventual launch. You will work with cutting edge materials and tools to apply industry-standard production processes. This will complement your current skills set and boost your employability.

To be able to design and build such a rocket, the engineering department is divided into various subsystems. These include:

  • Avionics: Is responsible for electronics work of both vehicle and ground systems, including both hardware and software.


  • Structures: Work on the design, analysis, and fabrication for both the vehicle and support equipment such as engine test stands


  • Flight Dynamics: Work on the aerodynamic design and analysis of the vehicle, recovery system in collaboration with other sub-teams.  


  • Propulsion: Work on the overall design, development, and implementation of the propulsion system and its subsystems and components.


  • Testing and Analysis: Work on testing of components which include but are not limited to avionics, telemetry, recovery parachutes, and engine. This requires gathering and analyzing data from all the tests and sharing the results with the team. It also includes working with the Business Department to manage logistics for test firing submission.


  • Design: Creates renderings of components and rocket for technical reviews and marketing.

Interested? No rocketry experience required. TALENT AND DRIVE REQUIRED.

Are you interested in joining Helios Rocketry and working on the first ever liquid-propelled rocket built by students to reach space? Please fill out the application form, including your resume and motivation letter.  If you have any questions,  reach out to us at

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